Your Private SMS Marketing Channel

  • Imagine Your Digital Future.

  • Now Own It.

Picture your customers receiving a text message from you promoting an attention-grabbing contest and digital game.

90% of recipients open your text (if it were email, less than 5% would open it).

Most of these people play your branded game, which becomes an intimate 2-3 minute engagement between you and the customer.

Whether people win or lose, they have fun. The excitement and goodwill you generate translates into customers responding to your call-to-action. Now, imagine this process repeated on a weekly basis.

This is the power of SMS messaging, and why you need to partner with BitPlay to build your own private SMS marketing channel.

Every time a BitPlay campaign is run, consumers are opting-in to receive your games and messages via text. As this list grows, it becomes a highly valuable digital asset that replaces tired email lists with a more dynamic and forward-looking marketing channel.

New Digital Asset

Leverage exiting assets like POS receipts, packaging, signage, and web presence to build a valuable new digital asset.

Ongoing Customer Conversations

Once people opt-in to your channel, you can contact them as often as you choose and reach them where they spend their time – on mobile devices.

Interactive Experiences

Where email fails to inspire, games engage people with your brands for minutes at a time and generate goodwill & loyalty. Unlike fleeting ad impressions, you’re offering a compelling customer experience.

Control Your Digital Strategy

Seize control of your digital future; reduce costs by scaling back expensive Facebook, Google, & Amazon ads

Customer Profiling

Collect customer data and profile customers to present more targeted offers

Low Attrition

Brands that successfully engage their consumers see 63% lower attrition rates. People look forward to your games and stay subscribed to your list.

Full-service Offering

BitPlay manages and curates your messaging channel and handles all outbound communications