Gamification as Marketing Accelerator

Today’s consumer doesn’t want to be “sold to”, and they don’t respond strongly to traditional advertising. People want brand experiences to reach them where they spend their time – on mobile devices.

BitPlay can help your company deliver on all of these promises with our robust gamification platform. Promotional campaigns utilizing gamification consistently deliver results 2-5 times higher than non-gamified campaigns.

Our games are easy to play, intuitive, and fully customized to meet your branding and promotional goals.

Digital Scratch Ticket

Everyone knows and loves scratch tickets, and the exhilaration of an instant win translates into goodwill for your brand. Scratch tickets are an excellent choice for contests awarding higher-value prizes and can be combined with a “2nd chance” prize wheel to create a large number of winners.

Prize Wheel

Spin the wheel to see what prize you’ll win! Prize Wheels offer an array of branding opportunities and the ability to award a large volume of lower-value prizes. It’s an excellent choice for companies looking to create lots of winners, and drive them to take action.


WordWheel challenges players to spin the wheel, earn points, and be the first to solve challenging word puzzles. WordWheel helps your message to go viral as players invite their friends, and points won can be redeemed for prizes and merchandise.